Architectural Informatics 1 

 2010/2011. év - 1. semester 


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Topic: Datasheets

Import external data (repetition)

Import the text file containing source data: BookofPremises_tabulated.txt. How?

Try to import two other text formats:

  1. Download the text file to your working folder (Right click, than Save target as...)
  2. File/Open The File Open window filters file types. To show txt files, select Text files in the File of Type drop-down.
  3. The columns are separated by tabulator characters, so select the Delimited option in the first step of the Text Import Wizard. In the second step, select Tab as the delimiter.
  4. BookofPremises_semicolon.txt: Delimited, delimiter: semicolon
    BookofPremises_fixwidth.txt: Fixed width, set the column positions in the second step.

Possible errors: If you save this file later, the default save type is Text, which leaves out formulae, diagrams and formatting. To keep these features, save as an Excel Workbook.



  1. Import the tabulated text file to Excel
  2. Try to import the other two versions (semicolon separated and fix width) also. Check the imported data: they should be the same
  3. Format the table to make it easier to handle:
  4. Highlight the room names that are bigger than 100 m². Use conditional formatting.
  5. The ID should be unique for each room. Highlight the values that are not unique.
  6. Sort the list by Category. In each category, the biggest room should be the first.
  7. How much is the total area for the classrooms? Use Filter.
  8. How much is the area of the storeys? The storey is the 3rd and 4th character of the ID.
  9. How much we need from the different wall coating types for the building? Use functions.
  10. How many Classroom, Corridor, etc. we have in the building? Determine the number of each room type.
  11. The footing depends on the floor coating type according to the Table of Footings. What is the quantity we need from the different footing types?
  12. We have to provide heating units depending on the volume of the rooms according to the Heating units table. How much we need from the different heating units?