Architectural Informatics 2 

AutoCAD 2D·2 • Simple Plan

 Digital Representation 

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Exercise: draw a plan using the dimensions shown in the figure!

Set the drawing limits!

•> LIMITS (•>or Formats • Drawing Limits) -6,-5[Enter]6,5[Enter]

•> Zoom[Enter]All[Enter] (•>or View • Zoom • All)

»  You can switch off the UCS icon if you want (View • Display > UCS Icon > On).

Draw the bottom left column! (The origin is at the center of the plan.)

•> PLine
-1.05,-1.05 (•>absolute Cartesian coordinates)
@.3,0 (•>relative Cartesian coordinates)
@.3<90 (•>relative polar coordinates)
move the mouse to the left (using Ortho mode), then type:.3(•>relative polar coordinates)
Close (•>to close the Polyline)

Draw the outline of the walls!

•> Polygon
6 (•>number of sides)
0,0 (•>the center is at the origin)
C (•>circumscribed polygon
3.6 (•>radius of the inscribed circle)

»  You can create the outer polygon with the Offset command.

Draw a window as a rectangle!

•> Rectang
tra (•>start tracking)
click on the MIDpoint of the upper side of the inner polygon
move the mouse to left, then type: .6
move the mouse upwards, then type: .38
[Enter] (•>finish tracking)
@1.2,-.38 (•>relative Cartesian coordinates of the opposite corner)

Create all other columns using the Array command!

•> -ARray
select the column, then: [Enter]
2 (•>number of rows)
2 (•>number of columns)
1.8 (•>distance between rows)
1.8 (•>distance between columns)

Create all other windows using the Array command!

•> -ARray
select the window, then: [Enter]
specify the origin of the drawing (0,0) as the center
3 (•>number of elements)
360 (•>angle to fill)
[Enter] (•>rotate the copied elements)

Mirror the rectangle of the first window about a horizontal axis passing through the origin in order to form the entrance, then Stretch the rectangle to expand the opening.

•> Stretch
click to the right of the rectangle
move the mouse to the left, enclose the right side by a crossing window, then click again
click on an arbitrary location
move the mouse to the right (Ortho), then type: .15[Enter]

»  You have to repeat the procedure on the other side.

Create the necessary layers (e.g. ANNO, DOOR, FURN, GLAZ, GRID, WALL)!
Draw the outlines of the walls on the WALL layer as closed polylines! Fill the outlines with solid a color (on the WALL-PATT layer) using the Hatch command!
Create the dimensions on the ANNO-DIMS layer!
Draw the chair and the table on the FURN layer!

Strommer L. • BME Department of Architectural Representation