1st excercise

2nd excercise

3rd excercise

Semester test: 2020. 12. 03.

Submission of excercises

1st excercise (deadline: October 8, 2020)
2nd excercise (deadline: October 29, 2020)
3rd excercise (deadline: November 19, 2020)
4th excercise: your own design for extra points
Final test: 2020. 12. 03. 10:30-12:30
Make-up test: 2020. 12. 17. 10:30-12:30

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Semester information

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Semester schedule

Semester's results


Those, who have not submitted all the 3 homeworks, got an "unfulfilled" notification. Their grade will be recalculated after they submit the missing assignment, not later then the end of the make-up week.