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The course deals with typical architectural shapes, general modelling concepts and techniques, texture, lighting and rendering. In the second part of the semester students work autonomously (with occasional one-on-one consultations) on a model of their choice. Basic knowledge of AutoCAD / 3D modelling is advisable. (Topics•>)


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  Deadline: 10th May, Monday 12:00.

  Late work deadline: 21th May, Friday 12:00.

  After the final deadline we will write your marks into Neptun.


  Simple (reproducible) model: thumbnails, full-size pictures, drawing file (+ textures)

  Complex architectural model: thumbnails and full-size pictures of the model and its original, drawing file (+ textures)

  Webpage where the above files (and a short explanation) can be found.

  Submission [ZIP]content: index.html • your portrait • drawing (DWG) files • rendered pictures of the models (min.2) • photos of their originals • thumbnails of all pictures

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