Constructive CAD CE • Modeling in AutoCAD

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Simple Model

Saint Patrick Church | Lowell, Massachusetts | 1831 | Roman Catholic Church | Gothic Revival Architectural Style

Spire made with the union between one octagonal pyramid and two square pyramids




Complex Model

Kazan Kremlin Kazan, Russian Federation

This project sees the reconstruction of one of the most important historic mosques in the Khanate of Kazan, on the western side of the Kazan Kremlin. It sets a new scale of development within the ancient city its substantial external contour has been developed in proportion to the key monuments of the Kremlin panorama. Set on a massive podium, the shape of the structure is based on an eight point star. There are two large courtyards and the main prayer hall is a large, domed space, richly decorated. The building of the mosque is seen as a symbol of the revival of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Tatar people.