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Constructive CAD CE • Modeling in AutoCAD

  BMEEPAG0249elective course2015-16-1  

Ana Sofia dos Reis Carvalheira 


Simple Model

The Oude Kerk (Old Church) | the oldest church and building in Amsterdam | dating back to early Middle-Ages | After the Reformation, in 1578, it became a Calvinist church | It stands in red-light district.

This was one of the buildings I most liked to visit when I went to Amsterdam, because of its history, its distinctive architectural beauty and its location - red light district - contrast that impressed me. These were the reasons why I wated to reproduce it in a 3D model.





Complex Model

This present work is a project that I made last year. This project was a proposal for a collective housing with shops, services and private parking on the ground floor. Below I will present 3d renders, technical drawings of the proposal and two photos of two different projects, that inspired me. Personally I find most motivating and beneficial (professionally and personally) to develop something that i liked so much to do, that's why I choose to make a 3d model of this.