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Projections, Monge's representation, relative positions of lines and planes. Auxiliary projections. Intersections of lines, planes and polyhedra. Metrical problems. Axonometry and perspective. Shadow and shade constructions. Images of circle.

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Desriptive Geometry 1 (pdf format)

Worksheets (pdf format)

Parallelepiped (1101_01)

Representation of points (1101_02)

Representation of lines (1101_03)

Auxiliary projections (Homework)(1104_01)

Auxiliary projections (Icosahedron)(1104_02)

Basic incidence problems (1101_04)

Auxiliary projections (1104_04)

Auxiliary projections (1104_05)

Intersection of two planes (1106_01)

Intersection of triangle and parallelogram with hole (1106_02)

Transversals (1105_01)

Intersefction of two planes by auxiliary projection (1106_04)

Shadows of points and lines (1109_01)

Building, shadows (1109_02)

Shadow, stairs, shade (1209_02)

Representation of polyhedron, auxiliary projection (1111_01)

Intersection of pyramid and line (1107_01)

Intersection of prism and line (1107_02)

Intersection of polyhedron and projecting plane (1107_03)

Intersection of pyramid and plane (collineation) (1107_04)

Intersection of prism and plane (affinity) (1107_05)

Intersection of prism and plane (auxiliary proj.) (1107_06)

Shadow of line and pyramid (1109_06)

Intersection of polyhedron and projecting prism (1108_02)

Intersection of polyhedron and prism (auxiliary projection) (1108_03)

Intersection of pyramid and prism (auxiliary projection) (1108_01)

Regular prism (square base, metrical costructions) (1112_01)

Octahedron (metrical costructions) (1112_02)

Regular prism (hexagon base, metrical costructions) (1112_03)

Regular pyramid (hexagon base, metrical costructions) (1112_04)

Regular prism in ort. ax.(1309_01)

Bench in cavalier axonometry, shadows (1209_03)

Perspective, building with shadow (1409_01)

Perspective, prism with hexagon base, shadow (1410_01)

Representation of circle (P-h-v) (1113_01)

Representation of circle (point and tangent) (1113_02)

Representation of circle (parallel tangents) (1113_03)

Representation of circle (intersecting tangents) (1113_04)