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Curves and surfaces. Conoic sections. Generation of surfaces, tangent plane, contour point, contour line. Classification of surfaces; surfaces of revolution, quadratic, ruled, helical, conoid, developable surfaces. Intersection of surface and plane. Intersection of two surfaces. Shadows an shades of surfaces. Projection with elevation, topographical representation, earth works.(5 credits)

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Descriptive Geometry 2

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Drawing 1


Intersection of Cone and Plane(Ellipse)

Intersection of Cone and Plane(Parabola, Obl. Ax)

Intersection of Cone and Plane(Hyperbola)

Intersection of Cone and Cylinder

Intersection of Sphere and Cylinder

Shadow of Cylinder in Axonometry

Intersection of Cone and Sphere

Intersection of Paraboloid and Plane, Shadows

Intersection of Torus and Sphere

Intersection of Ellipsoid and Plane

Intersection of Torus and Cylinder

Intersection of Torus and Plane

Hyperbolic Paraboloid in Frontal Axonometry

Hyperboloid of Revolution in Orthogonal Axonometry

Developable Surface in Frontal Axonometry

Helix in Orthogonal Axonometry

Helical Surface in Perspective

Intersection of Conoid in

Indexed Projection 1

Indexed Projection 2

Indexed Projection 3

Indexed Projection 4